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Latin Quotes >> Latin Quotes: Patience, Restraint

Latin Quotes: Restraint

certum vot pete finnem
Set a definite limit to your desire (Horace)

compesce mentem
Control your temper

compos sui
Master of one's self

adhibenda est in iocando moderatio
One should employ restraint in his/her jests (Cicero)

Latin Quotes: Calmness, Patience

aequo animo
With a calm mind; with equanimity

aequam servare mentem
To preserve a calm mind; equanimity (Horace)

aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem
Remember to maintain a calm mind while doing difficult tasks (Virgil)

With composure; with equanimity

aequo animo
With a calm mind; with equanimity




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