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Latin Quotes & Latin Phrases is a collection of famous Latin quotes that are still known and used in English language.

Latin was the language of the ancient Roman Empire. It was used as the language of politics, law, and science in many European countries until a couple of hundred years ago. Many Latin terms and phrases are still used in modern English.

I organized the Latin quotes on this site by topic. This arrangement seemed the most logical to me. I also thought of organizing them alphabetically, but decided that this would not be very useful to the viewers. How does one search Latin quotes alphabetically anyway?

You may notice that some Latin quotes on this page are displayed in a form of links. The reason why I set them up in this way is to give credit to those websites that had servied me as a good informational resource during building of For example, I got a few of the Latin quotes collected here from this Latin phrases website. To avoid plagiarizing I linked every phrase I got from back to the page I got it from. Plase do not let this confuse you during your browsing of my Latin quotes site.




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